Monday, May 3, 2021

My Kickstarter is Coming May 3rd!

 Hello friends! I've been working on a line of sci-fi miniatures and the rules to support them over the last few years, and after a lengthy gestation the first release is ready to go.

These 28mm Astroguards are the core of my initial Kickstarter. With stretch goals I'll also be able to make special pre-painted figures in collectible packaging available as add-ons.

If the campaign funds within the first 48 hours I'll also be throwing in a free Space Cadet figure into every pledge that receives figures.

I'd love to send you some of my figures, but if they aren't your cup a tea even a dollar thrown my way would be invaluable. Please check out the Kickstarter that has occupied so much of my free time for the last few years. Thanks for all the years of reading my blog and supporting this new venture!


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    1. I think all gamers are rules writers in hiding. I've been working on a set of card driven ww2 rules for my Stalingrad project that I will eventually publish in the next few months. A pure vanity project but it has been a fun diversion

    2. Miles! That is so exciting! Where will you announce their release so I can get a copy?

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  3. Very nice! I can only hope your game rules are as nice as those minis. As an amateur game author, my experience has been a constant series of re-writes and "oh you should have..." Congratulations.

    1. Absolutely! I spent two years banging my head against the wall until they start to click. I think they're pretty solid now, but I'm still refining things and expanding them. I'm looking forward to sharing them with the world!

    2. How much playtesting have you done with your gaming peers? My usual suspects beat me up hard but actually had some good ideas that I implemented along the way.

    3. Quite a bit, but I'm want to get some unvarnished opinions from blind playtesters. I altered a lot of rules that were unfun, clumsy, caused confusion, etc. and leaned into the bits that seemed to offer interesting decisions during the game.

      There are still some bits I'd like to refine, which is why I'm not ready to start sending them out. I don't want to waste people's time with these rules until I feel they deliver a fun, interesting, cinematic game with dramatic moments every time.