Thursday, March 5, 2015

Renedra Mud Huts

Taking a break from painting figures to work on some terrain projects. I plan on using these Renedra Mud Huts and Acheson stone walls for some Crusades games, but I have quite a lot to paint up before I can pit Franks against Saracens.

It's more likely these get into play as part of a sci-fi skirmish, so I've tried to keep my colors consistent with my desert wasteland terrain mat. I figure these can sub in as primitive habitation for alien natives or something.

Getting the colors and weathering correct proved quite a challenge. I repainted the huts two or three times, and used all manner of washes and weathering powders and I'm still not totally satisfied. All well, life's too short. Time to call these done and move on to another project.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gripping Beast Dark Ages Baggage Horses

I knocked out some baggage animals by Gripping Beast. These should be useful for Saga or a host of other games where they can serve as game objectives. I'm fairly happy with the sculpts, but the shaggy hair was a bit tricky on them. A bit too shallow to hold a wash or pick up drybrushing.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Trying out "To the Strongest"

After finishing up my latest batch of Romans I was eager to get them on the table. Rather than pull out my trusty Hail Caesar rules though, I decided to christen them with "To the Strongest", Simon Miller's new diceless, grid based wargame. Check out our first stab at the rules after the jump.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Quick and Easy Grid Markers for "To the Strongest"

I picked up Big Red Bat's "To the Strongest" the other day, a new set of ancient and medieval wargame rules that use a grid to regulate movement and distance. I didn't want to mar my game mat with grid lines or ugly stickers, so I whipped up some "table scatter" style rock piles to mark the corner of each grid point. They were pretty easy to put together:

Step 1) Drops of white/PVA glue on wax paper

Step 2) Model railroad ballast. When the white glue dried I added a few drops of Woodland Scenics Scenic Glue to each pile as well.

Step 3) I added some additional white glue and grass flock for about half of the stone piles. And done!

I set up the table for a trial of "To the Strongest" and was pleased to see the stone piles clearly marked the game grid, but combined with other table scatter and terrain did not call too much attention to themselves.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Warlord Games Romans vs. Wargames Factory Romans

I polished off another 48 figures for my late Republic era Romans, this time using the plastic sculpts from Warlord Games. I started my entry into ancients wargaming with Wargames Factory's release years ago, and now Warlord's latest will be joining them on my table. To see how the two manufacturer's output match up join me after the break.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Year's Dungeon Bash

After this summer's dungeon crawl I was eager to make some tweaks to the rules and run it again. The holidays seemed like an awesome time to get some friends together so we grabbed some beers and dice on New Year's Eve and ran a wintery dungeon crawl. All the details after the jump.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Year End Round Up

If it's not lead, it doesn't count as adding to "Lead Mountain", right? Right?

It's a new year, so time to review my hobby accomplishments this year and plan for next year.


This year I completed:

  • 28mm Foot: 67
  • 28mm Cavalry: 20
  • Elder Gods: 1
  • Small Buildings: 4
  • Dwarven Forge Dungeons: 7 sets and countless bits of dungeon scatter
  • 15mm Vehicles: 8
That doesn't seem like a ton compared to previous years, but those dungeons took up lots of time to complete, I painted and repainted the 15mm vehicles a few times as I learned how to use my new airbrush and weather tanks, and I have dozens of painted figures that just need to be based before I count them as complete.

I've tried not to add to my lead pile (although the Christmas presents pictured above that arrived this year aren't helping, but that's not my fault!) and worked to steadily chip away at it as I can.

I attended four conventions this year, including Barrage, my first small local con. With my work and family vacation schedule tying me up during the HGMS cons, I'm looking to branch out again to some smaller local cons to get in my quality gaming.

Unfortunately I've come to realize that my usual gaming group isn't going to be able to get together for sessions as regularly as I'd like. Distance, work and family obligations certainly put a crimp in our free time, so I'm trying to locate some wargamers a little closer to home.

On an encouraging note, my son is really picking up steam as a game opponent. I don't post most of the games we play, but we're usually rolling dice with a board game, RPG or card game most weekends. It's nice having an opponent in house :)

This year I managed a few games of Hail Caesar, we finally got into SAGA (which is a blast), and I ran two of my home-brewed Dungeon Bash games. Not bad, but I'd certainly like to be playing more in 2015.

I'm going to remain conservative this year, and concentrate on projects and periods I've already started. I still have a massive amount of Reaper Bones to work through, quite a bit of Roman and Celtic lead to paint up, an expansion of my SAGA/Hail Caesar 1st through 3rd Crusades figures, and a handful of Martians to tackle. That's plenty to keep me busy for the year.

The real trick is going to be finding folks to play with. Oh to live in England where you can't throw a stone without hitting a beardy fellow wargamer (or so I hear). So how'd you do? Did you complete your 2014 hobby projects, or is the 2015 Backlog just that much longer now? 

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