Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cold Wars 2014

Managed to get up to Cold Wars for a day of gaming. Played two fun scenarios and tried to snap as many pics between as I could. Photos after the jump.

Zombie Apocalypse

After picking up some supplies from the vendor hall I was able to claim a spot in a Zombie Apocalypse game. 

A stray round ignited the fuel tank on one of the parked cars. After it exploded the zombies swarmed through the gap.

An astounding horde of 200 zombies surges past a makeshift barricade of cars, with only a few bands of gun toting national guard, police officers, concerned citizens and the A-Team standing in their way. This game was great, tension mounting as zombies broke through our lines, and lots of humor in the various cards and factions.

My cops and the local medieval reenactors are surrounded
by a flood of zombies towards the end of the game.

Viking Looters

My next game was a straight up fight between viking raiders and some dark ages knights. The game was run using "Rules by Ral", a simple, single page of rules for medieval combat. The battlefield was littered with thin lines of wood, trails and a village. 

My Norman mercenaries got bogged down trying to capture a pair of towers guarding the enemy village. 

Enemy Teutonic knights arrived as reinforcements 
All in all, a fun, beer-and-pretzels game.

More Games

While I only got to play two games, there were a ton of great set ups.

Whaling ships stalking Moby Dick. Great concept for a game!

The Great White Whale diving. There were two other models off table, a surfacing Moby and fully surfaced Mody.

Ancient Greeks with mythical overtones. Neat looking game, and my 5 year old was FASCINATED with this game.

Pulp action in the arctic

Great looking yeti, towers over 28mm figs. Who's the manufacturer?

My Progress

Back home I got to work on some of my projects

Just need to finish up the basing on the Norman cavalry

Dwarven Forge dungeon tiles ready for paintin'

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