Thursday, June 19, 2014

Reaper Snakes and Wizards

Polished off a few more Reaper Bones figures. First up, a pair of snakemen. The original concept sketch was pretty cool, but I think the final sculpt shipped in the Kickstarter was merely adequate. Still a decent figure, and they paint up quickly.

Metal fig on the left, still in need of basing.

The Kickstarter also included a wizard holding a snake staff, a figure I'd already painted in metal. I had an idea to use both for the dungeon crawl I'm running later this month, so I painted the wizard up in a different color scheme.


  1. Very nice stuff! I love the snakemen you did a really good job on these and your basing is fantastic :)

    1. Thanks! These snakemen and my previous lizardmen are the first time I've tried jungle basing. Glad they turned out ok :)

  2. Stunning work, love the snakemen!