Friday, July 24, 2015

Historicon 2015

I'd written off Historicon this year after we made plans for a week long vacation in California. I couldn't spare the additional days off, and resigned myself to visiting one of the other HMGS cons later in the year. My son really wanted to attend Historicon though, and after he pleaded with my wife and I we drove down for a short Saturday only visit. My pics from our trip after the jump.

Demo Games

My son really wanted to play some games, but was a bit hesitant to sign up for the multi hour games (even those geared towards children). Instead, we tried out a number of demo games in the dealer hall. Frostgrave and Flames of War were my son's favorites, games I'm sure we'll be playing in the future.


We also made several passes through the game hall to check out the other games.

Awesome Napoleonic(?) table set up

Hey! I have that bridge! Loved the integration into the rocky river.

This game looked awesome! And had a HUGE crowd playing and watching when we returned later.

It was killing me we didn't get a chance to play on this awesome set up.

The dastardly Mr. Wickham eloping with Lydia via carriage.
Players and zombies both were intent on stopping him before he escaped off the table edge.

Awesome Persians vs. Greeks games. This board must have been 20 feet long!

A really impressive airfield assault hard to capture in pictures. 

Siege of Malden Castle

Medieval castle assault

"This is Not a Test" game. GORGEOUS table. Mutants, robots, giant scorpions were rampaging across this board.

Mad Max

After my wife and son were in bed, I headed back to the con for a late night Mad Max game put on by Walt O'hara. It was a gas (so to speak). I drove one of the pursuit vehicles wreaking mayhem amongst themselves chasing an oil tanker, no doubt filled with guzzoline. We used Walt's modified rules which played quick and gave each of his 60(!) vehicles unique characteristics, despite using only a few stats for each.

We were spoiled for choice of our vehicle.


My Loot

I have a huge lead pile and vowed not spend any money, but some of the deals at the convention were too good to pass up. Wargames Illustrated offered up a free Flames of War boxed set and a mounted Edward I miniature with a subscription. I also picked up the Mad Max back issue for two bucks, the latest issue (with free Simon du Montfort miniature) and the free British officer given for attending the convention.


  1. A lot of great looking games! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  2. What stunning tables absolutely splendid, Sharpe's Pride & Prejudice with zombies - what's not to like?

    1. Agreed! Game masters put in some extra effort this year.

  3. Those are some amazing tables. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Looks like a great place for a wargamer to hang out. Great photos.