Sunday, May 29, 2011

20mm Gauls and Numidians. Shelved.

I've already started working on the 28mm version of my Carthaginian army, but before I send my 20mm version into either storage or eBay, I thought I'd post some pics.  I managed to get them onto 60x30mm DBA style bases, but I was holding off on finishing the bases until the whole army was finished.




 I managed to paint up roughly 30 Gauls, 16 Nunidian skirmishers, and 4 Illyrians for the Carthaginians. If you take a look at the close up of the Gauls you'll notice I was attempting to paint pupils on them. I had a real sanity check at that moment, ("Why am I painting PUPILS on a GAME PIECE!"), and since then I've been trying to check my inclination to detail the minis in favor of a faster wargame standard paint job. 

I mean seriously... pupils?

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