Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cold Wars 2012

I could have spent days just wandering those aisles. 

Holy Cow it's been forever since I posted.  Work and life have been all up in my grill lately, and while I've made some progress on my Romans, pics of inked and highlighted soldiers didn't seem to warrant a post.  That said, I did manage to squeeze in a bit of photo worthy wargaming related business this weekend, with a brief (very brief) stop by Cold Wars this weekend. More pics of my whirlwind tour after the jump.

My three year old son and I went on a long haul road trip this weekend. As part of our "adventure" I planned a very brief pit stop at Cold Wars just to stretch our legs and pick up a few things from the trade floor. Despite being at the show for less than an hour, I tried to soak up what I could and snap a few pics to review later. All in all, there were a ton of great looking games and a lot of folks having fun.

I snuck a peek at the record sheets. It looked like Warhammer Ancients to me.

This was a World War II table absolutely covered in terrain. Lots of small squads sneaking around
Using the tank for cover.
I'm pretty sure this was a Hail Caesar game! In 15mm with smaller forces and on a smaller table to boot.

Large scale zombie ready to play.
I just really loved the snowman mascot for the ice cream parlor.
I invariably get drawn to naval games when I attend these shows.
Even in the dealer hall I can't help but check out the ships.
I don't even play naval games! I can't help it. I really dig the larger ships with rigging. Real art pieces.
Architects of War Dark Ages display. 
SAGA and Numidian Elephants from SGMM.BIZ

I finished up my brief tour, grabbed a few goodies (SAGA from Architects of War and a pair of Numidian elephants my son talked me into from Sgt Major) and we hit the road again. A very brief visit, but it got me jazzed to finish off a few of my projects and I'm looking forward to Historicon this summer.

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