Thursday, August 1, 2013

Videos! New Total War: Rome II Trailer and History of Scotland Documentary

Total War: Rome II

I have a feeling this game is going to derail my painting this fall. I spent dozens of hours and late nights with the first Rome Total War, and I'm looking forward to the updated version. There's still quite a lot of Hollywood in this (Naval preparatory bombardments? Gigantic African elephants?) but I dig the focus on Hannibal and the Punic wars.

It looks like Total War: Rome 2 is set to release September 2, with free Greek city states downloadable content for preorders. Not sure if I should take advantage of the preorder or wait for the holidays when I'll have the time to devote to it.

History of Scotland

I was also hunting around YouTube for something to watch while I finished up some Normans for SAGA and stumbled upon a BBC production of the History of Scotland.

The first episode covered everything from the Romans fighting the Caledonians up to the appearance of "Scotland" as a political entity following the Battle of Brunanburh. Lots of fodder to spur games of Hail Caesar, Dux Britanniarum and SAGA. My knowledge of Scottish history is essentially nil, but I loved the first episode and I'm looking forward to watching the rest of the series. BBC always gets the best stuff.


  1. I agree: the BBC does always get the best stuff! I watched that series on YouTube a while back and just got it on DVD from the library to re-watch.

    1. Definitely. The version I watched on YouTube was posted by someone who has made lots of history docs available. Lots more I'm hoping to watch when I've got time.

  2. I'm quite excited about Rome II, too. In my oppinion there's no game better than the first part up to date. Even today I spend hours and hours fighting for ROme.

    1. Yes! The graphics look gorgeous in the trailers in this new version, I just hope the AI is as polished! Otherwise I'll have to break out Rome 1 to get my fix :)


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