Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Years! Let's invade Russia!

Smash Up! Fun, but
5-year olds get
analysis paralysis
So are "games for New Year's Eve" a new tradition or something I've just aged into? My son insisted on a game of Smash Up after I got home from work on the 31st (pretty fun game, although I haven't figured out the trick to getting the Wizards to be useful yet). After we wrapped up, we piled into the car and went to a family party (kids downstairs, 'rents upstairs) where various party games were broken out. After we returned home to put our boy to sleep, my wife and I broke out "Command and Colors: Ancients" for its inaugural game, finishing up just before the ball dropped.

The next day I joined my buddies for our 2nd annual Axis & Allies game. Checking my various social media feeds after getting home I saw tons of game playing across the board, even by people who aren't "gamers" per se. Even a bunch of coworkers broke out Catan and Cards Against Humanity for the New Year. Is this a trend, or is everyone I know just old and ditching the drinking (and subsequent hangovers) for quieter pursuits?


  1. We played dominoes the night of and the boys and I played Battles of Westeros on New Years day. I'm pretty sure it's a sign that we are all old as dust.

    1. Haha totally! Ah well, at least I'm too old to care that my drinkin' days are behind me.

  2. You are a lucky man, getting to play C & C with your wife. NYE with gaming is the best.