Monday, December 1, 2014

The Force Awakens: X-Wing Miniatures Battle

My son and I were psyched to see the new Star Wars trailer for Episode VII, and after seeing the Millennium Falcon perform some aerial maneuvers in battle over Tatooine, we had to break out our X-Wing Miniatures and recreate the battle.

Check out the clash after the jump.


After studying the scant footage from the trailer, we noticed a few key points that we'd need to include in our scenario.

  • There's a Millennium Falcon.
  • Holy cow did you see that maneuver? We think it's got to be Han and Chewie piloting it.
  • Man, after that barrel roll the Falcon almost hit the sands.
  • There's a pair of TIE Fighters attacking it.
Right, plenty of info to base a battle on. We unrolled the desert terrain mat, plopped Han and Chewie in the Falcon off a pair of the Empire's best pilots (Howlrunner and Mauler Mithel), angled at a 90 degree angle of attack and got playing.

Desert terrain by Cigar Box Battles. Looks like they have some interesting terrain mats I need to check out.

We included one special rule, based on the asteroid obstacle rule from the base game:

Low Altitude: When performing a Koiogran Turn, roll a single attack die. The ship then

suffers any damage or critical damage rolled 

The Battle

The TIEs began by screaming full tilt directly at the Falcon, who banked and turned towards them.

Firing at long range to keep the Imps at bay, Han darted past them as the TIE swung around onto the smuggler's tail.

Han risked a looping turn, scraping the Falcon's belly across the tumbled rocks of the Dune Sea. With the tables turned, the TIES scattered as the huge freighter barreled into their flight path.

The quad laser cannons pounded as Chewie blasted the nearest TIE, sending it careening into the desert below.

The remaining TIE, intent on revenge swung around into another frontal attack on the Falcon. The two ships exchanged fire as they passed by, igniting one of the TIE's ion engines with a direct hit.

With smoking fighter wreckage littering the dunes, the Falcon banked towards Mos Eisley and the safety of Docking Bay 94.

A short, brutal (and lopsided) affair, but lots of fun. We're looking forward to the upcoming film. I better work on some lake terrain... I have a feeling we'll need some to put the X-Wing Mk IIs through their paces!


  1. Very cool! I can see the Falcon speeding down desert canyons and between rocky mesas.

    1. Thanks Barks! I'll have to work up some rocky outcroppings for our next Tatooine battle :)

  2. Superfun :) Love the camera angles on this.


  3. Outstanding game and well done!

  4. Is the desert terrain mat you used in the game from Cigar Box?

    1. The terrain may we played the game on was something I created myself... I just used the Cigar Box mat for the game set up map. You can see my tutorial on making the desert terrain mat here:

  5. Just like Beggar's Canyon back home...

    Nice one!