Thursday, December 25, 2014

All the Single Ladies

Christmas saw the arrival of several boxes of figures to replenish Lead Mountain, which means I need to get cranking on some existing miniatures to make room.

This week I finished up few female fantasy figures from the Reaper Bones kickstarter. I've painted quite a few so far, enough to notice that Reaper Bones are great for hordes of monsters or large creatures that would be too expensive to produce in metal. For man sized characters, the quality is a bit hit or miss. The rogue and witch from this group (for example) had pretty soft facial features that were quite a chore to deal with, while the barbarian had lots of character in her face. I can't tell if this is an issue with specific moulds, but these defects aren't nearly as noticeable in crocodile faced lizardmen, or similar monstrous creatures.

Female Rogue

Pathfinder Barbarian

Pathfinder Witch

Female Gnome Wizard

Dwarven Fighter

Fantasy figures always have such weird shield designs. Would prefer a smooth face to detail myself.

I'm still happy with my Reaper Bones, but I think in the future I'll likely pick up metal figures for heroes.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tabletop World Windmill

I just finished painting up a windmill by the Croatian vendor Tabletop World. What a great little kit! I love Tabletop World's work... details are deep and exaggerated, making painting fun and the final result full of character without getting too cartoony.

Assembly was simple (the arms of the windmill are separate pieces that must be glued into the roof assembly, but that's it) and there was virtually no mold lines or bubbles to deal with.

A coat of black spray primer, lots of shades gray, brown, blue and tan for the stone, and various washes, pigments and drybrushing to pull out details and weather it and it was done.

Tabletop World is running a Christmas special currently, and while shipping does take a while their stuff seems worth the wait.

Monday, December 1, 2014

The Force Awakens: X-Wing Miniatures Battle

My son and I were psyched to see the new Star Wars trailer for Episode VII, and after seeing the Millennium Falcon perform some aerial maneuvers in battle over Tatooine, we had to break out our X-Wing Miniatures and recreate the battle.

Check out the clash after the jump.