Thursday, March 5, 2015

Renedra Mud Huts

Taking a break from painting figures to work on some terrain projects. I plan on using these Renedra Mud Huts and Acheson stone walls for some Crusades games, but I have quite a lot to paint up before I can pit Franks against Saracens.

It's more likely these get into play as part of a sci-fi skirmish, so I've tried to keep my colors consistent with my desert wasteland terrain mat. I figure these can sub in as primitive habitation for alien natives or something.

Getting the colors and weathering correct proved quite a challenge. I repainted the huts two or three times, and used all manner of washes and weathering powders and I'm still not totally satisfied. All well, life's too short. Time to call these done and move on to another project.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gripping Beast Dark Ages Baggage Horses

I knocked out some baggage animals by Gripping Beast. These should be useful for Saga or a host of other games where they can serve as game objectives. I'm fairly happy with the sculpts, but the shaggy hair was a bit tricky on them. A bit too shallow to hold a wash or pick up drybrushing.