Friday, June 19, 2020

Battletech Campaign #17: A Communications Disruption Can Mean Only One Thing...

Having recovered the Stinger LAM as well as a trio of new mechs, Razor's Raiders were poised to launch their final assault on the Lyran stronghold. As their Kurita employers began packing the parts and technical parts for evac from their hidden mountain base, Captain Razor dispatched the Raider's Battle lance under command of Lt. Slick to knock out the last communications array to mask their impending assault.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Battletech Campaign #16: Operation Bedlam

Previously on "Razor's Raiders": Our mercenary company raiding the Lyran world of Parakoila encountered a Stinger LAM, a light recon mech that had the unusual capability to transform into an aerospace fighter. Exceedingly rare among the declining technological base of the Inner Sphere, LAM mechs were coveted as both status symbols as well as useful additions to military forces for their exceptional scouting capabilities.

Though the Stinger LAM the Raiders encountered did little more than buzz the battlefield, the news of their encounter spread among the mercenaries, catching the interest of their allied merc company Wu's Woeful Witches. As a dedicated aerospace outfit, the Witches were willing to pay a significant bounty to Razor's Raiders if they could capture and deliver the Stinger LAM to them intact.

The Witches hatched a plan and suggested it to Captain Razor, while his XO offered an alternative.