Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cranking Out Some Ancients

I assembled a dozen Wargames Factory Romans last night, a nice cap to the three day weekend. I picked up a pair of these "Caesar's Legions" boxes during the WGF one-day sale a few years ago, and they've been sitting in storage ever since.  When I decided to switch to 28mm from 20mm for my ancients, using these Romans as a core to build from made my decision a lot easier.

After reading a number of bad reviews I was expecting the worst of these figures, but they didn't turn out too bad. Detail is soft, and the one squatty pose does look a little odd, but overall they went together quickly and I think I can get them painted up rapidly. I really like the pose in which the legionnaire has his gladius poised for a thrust over his shield.

Taking stock of my current projects, I have a number underway. I like to keep several going at once so as one is wrapping up I can easily jump into another, while prepping a third.
  • 24 Ancient Germans (Foundry and Wargames Factory) finished, awaiting shields.
  • 10 Ancient Germans primed.
  • 12 Romans assembled (84 to go! Yikes!)
  • 6 Numidian Light Cavalry (Warlord) assembled.
  • New woods terrain 80% finished.
Looking forward to getting some of these finished and based so I can start testing out DBA, Impetus and Hail Caesar.

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