Monday, March 18, 2013

Libyan Spearman completed

Whew! What a month! We sold a house, bought a house and squeezed in a trip halfway across the country in between. Haven't had much time for painting, but I did manage to finish off my Libyan Spearmen by Crusader Miniatures.

I enjoyed painting these up. I like Crusader's chunky style, these figures rank up easily, but there's enough variation between their gear to keep things interesting. My one qualm was the pretty vicious amount of flash in their open spear hands that I needed to carve out.

The extra Carthaginians in mail became members of the unit commanders guard. I figure they've picked up some equipment from recent skirmishes with Romans, but upgraded equipment has not filtered down to the rank and file of the rest of the unit.

The shields received LBMS transfers, which look great but didn't grip the shields as tightly as I'd hoped, even with scoring and cutting "pie slices" into their edges to make them conform to the convex dome of the shield. I was also surprised at how heavy each base wound up. That's a lot of lead on each 40mm x 40mm or 80mm x 40mm base, and a few bases slipped from my fingers while finishing these up necessitating some regluing of shields and spears. I'll have to get a movement tray for these guys.

What else has been up? I missed Cold Wars, Google is torpedoing the RSS reader I use to gather feeds for Flipbook, Warlord Releases plastic Caesarians and a new supplement for Hail Caesar, Gripping Beast announces new generic Dark Age plastics... I have a lot of catching up to do!


  1. What a fantastic and tough looking unit! Those really are great looking figures and you have painted them so well.

  2. Fantastic unit, they look like veterans!

  3. Do you use Humbrol Decal Fix?

    It makes the transfers "sink" down onto uneven surfaces perfectly. The hardest decals Ive done was USA stars to WW2 vehicles and they settled over all the kinks/rivets etc nicely


    1. I didn't try any Decal Fix... I thought the instructions warned against using any sort of fixer, but I could be misremembering. I might need to do some experiments :)

  4. Lovely unit - hope they fight well too...

  5. Wonderful spearmen - very well painted.

  6. Superbly done! Very attractive unit. Dean

  7. I love these guys! You did a superb job on them.

  8. They look damn good. Any problems with the transfers don't seem to be visible.