Wednesday, April 2, 2014

More Conquest Norman Cavalry

Two units of Norman cavalry

Finished up some more plastic Norman cavalry by Conquest. I'm not too particular about the precise number of figures per unit, and managed to stretch two boxes of their horseman into three 10-figure units.

They all received colors and shield patterns to match the unit I completed last summer. With such a large number of horse, I figured they deserved a large banner for the leader of one of the units rather than the smaller plastic flag that comes in the box.

I designed and printed a flag and finished it with some weathering and distressing techniques described in a recent Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy. I've included it here in case you also need a free printable Norman flag.

This should be resized to 2.98 inches x 0.627 inches at 300 dpi in your graphics program of choice

I think I have enough to field a very small Norman force for some test games, but I don't yet have a suitable historic opponent. With Gripping Beast offering plastic Arab warriors soon, I don't expect my Normans to be enemy free for long, but I might need to run them against some orcs or something first just to get them on the table.


  1. Nice work! Horses are especially well done.

  2. Looking good.
    Great work.

  3. Lovely work. It's amazing how units so pretty can also be so devastating in combat!

  4. Looking real good with the freehand shields and all!

  5. Great work.

    I appreciate that you posted the banner also, not my gaming period but I really like people that help other gamers out there.

  6. Fantastic Normans! I prefer the Conquest plastics over most metal Norman ranges..