Friday, July 17, 2015

Summer Update

I saw a lotta cool stuff recently

I haven't posted lately because my summer has been so busy. Work continues on the terrain boards, but I've been doing quite a bit more hobby and gaming related activities as well. Check out my adventures after the jump.

The Imperials have dedicated a lot of Gladiators to this sector of space.

Over the last month I've been playing a quite a bit of Star Wars Armada at the local comic book store. It's lots of fun, and plays differently than X-Wing. I've looked for a good capital ship sci-fi game, and Armada delivers. I don't have time to tackle a new period so it's been a treat simply buying the prepainted ships, sitting down and playing (of course I have plans for customized paint schemes and 3D printed vessels, but that can wait)

Brookhurst Hobbies

My family took a vacation to the west coast this year. I managed to make a pit stop at Brookhurst Hobbies, who sold me the first set of mail order bases and figures that got me started into historical wargaming 15 years ago.

It's a classic game and hobby store, jammed with models, games, and books. It was a real treat to finally get to shop their isles, and we picked up a few games for the beach and some clearance sale miniatures too.

Comic Con

I also made it to the San Diego Comic Con for the first time this year. WOW! It's overwhelming. We only spent two days there and got to see 10% of everything I was hoping to check out. We're already planning a full four day return trip, but it was quite an experience.  I was surprised to find a healthy representation of games, and I didn't even get a chance to check out the dedicated gaming space.

The new Imperial Raider corvette for X-Wing:TMG

X-Wing wave 7. Check out the size of the new TIE-Punisher. Beefy!

WETA was showing off props from The Hobbit and upcoming Warcraft movie,
but I was checking out their mecha wargame GKR.

Magic: The Gathering finally becomes a table top wargame.

And being a true Star Wars nerd, a I was thrilled to see the Tantive IV from Star Wars. This is the actual model filmed during the opening scene flyover.

They didn't even detail the top of the ship since it wouldn't be seen by the camera
This model is less detailed than the X-Wing miniatures version. I'd love to compare it to the more detailed model created to film the blast to the main reactor.

The Graying of the Hobby?

Finally, my son has started painting his own figures. I gave him a Bones lizardman to get him started.

I instructed him on base coating, washes, highlighting and basing, but this is all his work (save for the teeth and tongue.)

Of course, as soon as it was done we had to run a dungeon bash. His new lizardman led an ambush that nearly killed my cleric. Oh no!

I was going to skip Historicon this year, but he insisted we go so that he'd have a chance to do some more painting at the Hobby University and try out the "small games" in the dealer hall. Next stop Fredericksburg VA. What a summer!

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  1. Sounds like you're having fun! It especially nice to see the next generation being brought it - I know it's one of my favourite parts of the hobby, playing with my kids.