Saturday, July 15, 2017

Historicon 2017 - Friday

I finished up some work after lunch, packed the family in the car and crept down 95 to Historicon, arriving just before registration closed. Despite my late arrival, I managed to snag a spot in a game and check out some of the great looking games nearby. Pics after the jump.


The peg legged mariners were out in full force Friday evening. This beautiful table was being set up for game the following day. Pics don't do it justice.

Firelock Games was also in attendance, manning a vendor booth in the dealer hall, running a playtest/demo for rules in the next campaign book, and graciously answering questions late into the evening. Stand up guys. Check out their current kickstarter.

"Tunez off the starboard bow!"

Trying out some mass battle rules from the expansion?

20th Century Wars
Of course, Hall A was packed to the gills with WWI, WWII and Cold Wars era games. This WWI trench game looked fantastic. Compact, but ultra detailed. A real work of art.

These vibrant green trees caught my eye from across the room, so I had to check it out. US tanks attempting to cross the field while avoiding German ambushes.

I've been picking through the Game Design forums on TMP for a few weeks and uncovering the development history of Hail of Fire. Pretty neat to see it in the flesh. Seems like a streamlined version of FoW.

Other Great Games
Frostgrave harbor.

Part of the musical wargame set up.

A great looking desert game

I snapped a closer pic of the camp.

One of the players opened a tent and revealed the contents.
 "Check out what we're guarding!"


The Conan game I was in was set up on MBA's great looking city table which has pulled duty in numerous other games and genres.

Glad I was able to make it in for a bit on Friday and looking forward to a full day on Saturday!


  1. So many wonderful games, thank you for sharing.

  2. Looks like a great time. I need to make it down next year.

  3. Great pictures of great looking games.

  4. A great show with so many goodlooking to fabulous boards. Shame I can't be there.
    Thanks a lot for the report!

  5. While there are several MBA buildings in my collection, the Conan game was NOT on MBA's table. Around 20% of the buildings belong to my friend Kyle Gibson