Saturday, August 24, 2019

Scifi Soldiers for Star Schlock

Progress on my sci-fi game Star Schlock is picking up! We've run several successful playtests over the last few weeks and I'm continuing to refine my digital sculpts for the miniatures.

My blog may have been quiet this summer, but I've not been idle. Looking forward to sharing more of the game soon!


  1. Hi John, I for one am looking forward to more Schlock!

    1. Great! I've been playing it quite a bit with my local game groups. Hoping to roll it out to a convention soon.

    2. Are these the dominion?

    3. These are "astro guards" I've been working on that will oppose the armored soldiers of the Dominion. There are lots of 'good guy' cannon fodder in movies and tv shows that I'm trying to emulate with these sculpts. While I have a loose story or fluff for the Star Schlock universe, I also want players to have the freedom to use models and rules interchangeably with whatever figures or systems they want to play with.