Wednesday, July 26, 2023

The Second Star Schlock Kickstarter is LIVE!

 Oh yeah, I have a blog! I've been toiling away for several years to get my sci-fi skirmish game Star Schlock into production. Our Kickstarter is currently running, with a Starter Set, figures, deluxe upgrades and more. I've been running the game at conventions and as a demo at our booth and it's fun, fun, fun!

Check it out. The Kickstarter ends August 1, 2023. I really think you'll dig it.


  1. The third from bottom figures appear to have an identity crisis. Are we Star Trek the Motion Picture or Sandmen from Logan's Run. Not Robby looks great too.

    1. It's like Pan-Asian/Mexican Haute Cuisine. Recombining existing ingredients into something familiar, but new. I predict it will be all the rage in the wargaming world next year, dahling ;)