Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Foundry WWII

A friend of mine is a WWII nut and recently proposed we break out Crossfire for a few games.  It's been a few years since I last played Crossfire, and with all the hype around the latest version of "I Aint Been Shot Mum" I suggested we give that rules sets a try to see how they compared. I had an older version of the rules that I picked up years ago but never got around to playing, but  rereading them now, I realized my collection of 20mm WWII miniatures were all multi-figure based. It didn't sound like that would work well with IABSM since casualties (kill and wounded) were tracked individually.

I'll be honest, the Warlord Games newsletter always has a lot of tempting 28mm WWII figures in it that have been catching my eye lately. I remembered I had painted up a few individually based 28mm World War II minis about 10 years ago, so I broke them out to see what I had and decide if I wanted to add on to them for testing IABSM. 

Foundry (I think) 28mm WWII Germans
Foundry (I think) 28mm French Resistance
Not enough for a very extensive game of IABSM, but maybe I can throw in a few U.S. Paratroopers and we can run a quick Normandy squad v. squad action.

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