Monday, February 6, 2012


Worked on a few wargames projects this weekend but not enough progress to show.  I did get in a game of Colosseum though, our first play of it even though I've had it for a few years.  It was fun, though there are a lot of fiddly bits to the rules that will take a while to master.
Crummy iPhone pic. 

Set in ancient Rome, each player  attempts to draw the largest crowd to the events they put on in their arena.  You acquire gladiators, chariots, thespians and more and combine them into a variety of "shows", the more extravagant the better. There are also bits about attracting senators and the emperor, making improvements to your amphitheater and bidding against the other players to acquire the best stable of performers. Play felt a little bit like Pirate's Cove, and I can bet we'll give it another shot some time.

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