Saturday, September 28, 2013

Back With Some Vikings

Sometimes life can really get in the way of painting up tiny little men and throwing dice to see if they kill each other. It's taken a month to get our latest real life crises sorted out, but I finally managed to find some time to get back to the painting table. A raiding party of SAGA vikings after the jump.

These are all vikings by Gripping Beast. The berserkers are a bit ahistorical for the SAGA era, but after seeing the over-the-top promo for the new season of "Vikings" on the History Channel
I decided to go whole hog and give them each a pair of weapons. Total fantasy, but should make them easy to pick out on the game table. Maybe I can use them as old school D&D berserkers once my Dwarven Forge terrain arrives.

The hirdmen got a fairly quick paint job. I used a mix of washes, highlights and army painter in an effort to get them tabletop ready quickly. The LBMS shield transfers really do a lot to class them up.

I really like the dynamic pose on the Gripping Beast warlord. I swapped out the included plastic base for an oversized metal washer to work with the magnetic liners in my figure storage. LBMS shield transfer, red and cream for the clothing, black with 'oiled silver' drybrush for the metal and it's a wrap.

That's all for now. I haven't touched a blog or forum in the last month and feel completely out of the loop on what's happening in the world of wargaming. Anything momentous to report?


  1. Fantastic paintjob, great looking warriors!

  2. Looks like you haven't forgotten how to best use your brushes. Amazing warriors you have. The Berserkers are especially well done.

  3. Very very nice - thanks for sharing.

  4. Nice work on the Vikings. Really looking forward to season 2!

  5. Excellent painting on the GB figures, Vikings are a fun warband in Saga.

  6. Excellent work - I like the guys wielding two weapons. It may not be "historical" but who cares - they look cool!

  7. Nice work on these, they look suitably fierce.