Thursday, June 28, 2012

Warlord Games Celtic Cavalry

I finished up a box of Warlord Games Celtic Cavalry and posted a few pics and thoughts after the jump.

Warlord Games Celtic Cavalry Tips

The Warlord Games Cavalry box comes with 10 horses and riders. I wanted to use 12 figures in the unit, and rather than buying an entire extra box of cavalry I searched for a pair of cavalry I could add.  After looking at a number of possibilities I thought Crusader's German Cavalry (with a head swap) would fit.  I liked the horse sculpts in the Crusader figures and really like Crusader's figures. Sadly I discovered Warlord Games Celtic Cavalry and Crusader do NOT mix.  The Crusader horse is ginourmous compared to WG. Yikes!

Warlord Games and Crusader cavalry don't mix!

Reevaluating I decided to simply move forward with 10 figures. I like Hail Caesar and don't plan on playing and rules that require figure removal so the actual number of figures per unit isn't a matter of life and death.  Two of the 50mm x 50mm bases wound up with one (rather than two) mounted figures.  To  create more visual weight to the understaffed bases I added a bit of mulch bark painted up as a rock outcropping.

I also decided to avoid placing the horses nose to tail, offsetting them, tilting them and generally adding a sense of disorder to the figures. I know in reality it's likely all of the horses would fall in line (being herd animals), but I wanted to add a sense of chaos and fury to these Celt horsemen to match the wild and wooly foot troops they'd be fighting alongside.


  1. Impressive ! I really like the "furiousness" of this unit !

    for the 12/10 man unit dilemma, I was thinking pretty much the same thing for my future numidian auxiliary cavalry ^^

  2. Very nice. I like your way of placing horsemen on bases. It's not a unit but a warband.