Friday, June 1, 2012

Warlord Games Celt Cavalry WIP

Just a quick update on some celt cavalry I've been working on.  I have very little experience painting horses so this project has been a lot of experimentation in figuring out the best approach.  I used a base coat of Vallejo Desert Yellow, coated the horses coat with an oil based burnt umber and then wiped it away from all raised surfaces leaving the burnt umber only in depressions.  The final effect was a little darker than I had hoped, and the oil paint took ages to dry, but I still think it provides a better effect than a wash would.

The Warlord Games cavalry have the rider's legs sculpted as part of the horse.  When I've painted cavalry in the past I always finished the horse and rider separately and then assembled them.  I tried finishing the horse first, then assembling the rider and attempting to paint the rider, which lead to some difficulty in painting the fronts of any tunics, especially with those celtic plaid patterns. For the remaining celt cavalry I'll be finishing off the rider's torsos before final assembly.


  1. It's an interesting effect. Looks like it gives a less "dirty" finish that a wash would.

  2. Great looking horses - I like the effect