Sunday, May 27, 2012

Black Tree Designs sale

Whoah, check this out.  I was talking to my wife about running a big Hail Caesar game next month to celebrate my birthday and realized I need to finish off a few units to have enough for multiple players. I have a pair of half finished Ancient German warbands that I group together when I've played before, and I thought picking a few more barbarians to fill them out would be pretty quick. Checking BTD website I discovered they were having a monster sale. Half price and free shipping with orders of 30 bucks or more. Nice!  I've got a shopping cart full of hairy warriors on their way to me now. Just thought I'd pass it on.


  1. That is a great sale - I've never tried BTD figures - how do you like them?

    They seem to have a nice line of Early Imperial Romans and who doesn't need more of those?

  2. I wound up with a few BTD Ancient Germans in a grab bag of Celts purchased from someone on TMP. Their poses were a bit static (compared to the wild and wooly Warlord Games Celts) but sculpting and proportions were good and they mixed well with the Crusader and Foundry. This is my first big order of BTD, but at this price I was willing to take a gamble.