Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Weeping Wallet

I got caught up with several projects in April and stopped checking developments in the world of miniatures for a bit. Catching up and I find there's a ton of great stuff on the way.
  • Hail Caesar Army Lists II.  I have yet to tackle any medieval figures, but I've been eyeing the medieval Scots from Claymore Castings and toying with the idea of picking up some SAGA warbands.  I'll probably pick up the new army lists just to get a broad overview on the full medieval period, even if I won't be gaming it for quite some time.
  • More plastic Romans! Holy crow, some pics from Salute show Warlord prepping some plastic Caesarean Romans and Victrix doing the same for older Republican Romans, both right up my alley. I'm sure I'll be dropping a load of cash for several boxes of each.
  • Cheap cheap plastics from Wargames Factory. WGF have put their Persian infantry up for sale at something like 25 cents a figure, which is insane! I am having a lot of trouble not picking up a few dozen, even though I have no intention of painting a Persian army.
All in all, lots of great news. I'm going to have to redouble my efforts to lighten my lead pile so I'm ready for these new arrivals once they hit the market.

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