Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Warlord Games Roman and Celtic General

Finished up the basing on my Warlord Games mounted Roman general and Celtic chieftain.  The Celt general will be serving as a leader for my ancient Germans rather than the Gauls, but they're all a bunch of hairy barbarians with snazzy fashion sense so I think he'll be interchangeable between a number of armies.

Warlord Games "Hold the Line!" mounted general

The Warlord Games chieftain didn't appear to have a lot of tell tale Celtic influences, so I thought he'd make a good leader for my ancient Germans. The standard bearer is a Black Tree Designs ancient German I believe. I didn't have any barbarian standards on hand, but I had a bunch of aquila left over from my Wargames Factory Romans. I asked about barbarians using captured Roman standards in battle on TMP and received a bunch of suggestions of additions the hairy horribles would have made to their trophy. I really liked the idea of the Germans adding antlers, pelts, severed heads and other trophies to the standard.  I added a Space Wolf ornament and the antlers clipped from an old plastic Bretonnian knight to the standard to give it a unique barbarian character.

Warlord Games Celtic chieftain and BTD standard bearer

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