Thursday, July 5, 2012

Warlord Games Numidian Cavalry

After almost a year, I've finally completed my Numidian cavalry from Warlord Games. I've had them painted for months, but delayed basing until I had enough 50mm x 50mm and 25mm x 50mm cavalry bases. These are also the first horses I painted, using the oil wipe method for shading and highlighting.

Shields are hand painted (easy to make out at close range, but look ok at table distance).  The cowhide and Tanit emblem are based on the shield design from Little Big Man Studios. I'd like to paint up a full Numidian army and would probably switch to their actual decals for such a large project.

This is a small unit under the Hail Caesar rules. To convey the swirling mass of horseman that would close, loose javelins and then ride away, I've mounted these figures diagonally. Hopefully I can maintain the suggestion of motion if I add another six figures to bring this up to a standard size cavalry base for Hail Caesar.

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