Friday, July 20, 2012

Historicon 2012, Thursday

With my family in tow, I arrived at Historicon on Thursday to find the games I'd signed up for canceled. Despite that disappointment, I managed to have a great time. Pics from my first day at the convention after the jump.

Cog Wars

Despite my canceled games I managed to get into Cog Wars, a dark ages naval game and one of the games I'd scoped months ago when the PEL was released that I wanted to try.

Flames of War

A friend of mine played a Pacific landing Flames of War game, his first exposure to the rules.

There were a ton of great looking games. I managed to snap a few pics.

Gnome Wars

Big Battle Cry

Crimea by Wargames Illustrated


Chariot races

Indiana Jones. When I stopped by he was attempting to escape a
horde of Nazis by swinging from that gantry with his whip. 

Middle East. Awesome helicopters hovering over the battlefield.

My pics do not do these games justice.  The scope and detail really can't be captured in my quick drive by shots.  Historicon is really something you need to experience in person. Having a lot of fun and looking forward to Day Two!

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