Friday, October 5, 2012


I'm hoping to put all of this to good use this month
I spend all year painting up figures and learning rules and then they wind up fighting over some pretty mediocre terrain. It's become intolerable. I've got a number of terrain projects lingering in limbo that I'm going to try and get finished off to bring the table top up to closer to the standard set by so many of the gorgeous games I see online and at shows. To keep me on task I've decided to christen this month as "Flocktober" (named after the bits of green flock that represent grass in these terrain projects, and God did my wife make fun of me for that) and work on terrain projects only. No buying figures, no painting figures, no basing figures. It's just trees and hills and grass from now until Halloween.

Hopefully between sticking to projects already in the house and selling off old bits that have overstayed their welcome I'll be able to keep the lead pile neat and tidy.


  1. Well, quick flocking around and get to it! Looking forward to seeing the results!

  2. Ha! I managed to get some work done this evening so should have the first stuff posted soon :)