Sunday, January 13, 2013

Agema Miniatures Plastic Roman Republican Velites!

Wow! I didn't even know these were on the horizon! Agema Miniatures will be releasing a set of 16 plastic Republican Roman velites at Salute this year. Nice!

Check these masters out. Look at the hand holding the raised javelin. THAT'S how a hand should look. So much better than the cupped flipper hands you see on so many plastic sets that hold separate weapons.

It looks like they are including wolfskin head pieces too. I love the flowing look of the pelt, something you can't do in single casting metal.

Lots more at the Agema Miniatures site. Can't wait for the April 20th release!


  1. As somebody preparing to start a Republican Roman army, these have suddenly jumped to the top of the list! I wonder how long before they release orher models..... Thanks for the info!

    1. Not sure about timing, but it looks like they've got a full range planned.

      "Starting with a small sprue of Roman Velites to establish our name and intent, we hope to progress through Legionarries, to Carthaginian Citizen and Liby-Pheonician troops, to Spaniards and Celt-Iberians. Who knows, we may even release a plastic elephant set in the future if the range proves successful!"

  2. Very nice sculpts/masters. Lots of nice details - like the wood grain on the backsides of the shields.
    Best, Dean