Friday, January 4, 2013

WWII Germans in Color

I've seen color WWII photos and films before, but I still find them rare enough to be novelties. A set of German propaganda pics popped up on Reddit. I found them interesting and thought you might too.

Panzer III?

Is that a lend lease Sherman and T-34 on the easter front?

In researching German uniforms I was aware that the Hollywood gray was much lighter than what the Heer actually wore, being darker and greener like the dirty faced fellow below:

But check out the uniforms on this anti-tank crew. Even taking into account the altered hues in this early color film, their uniforms are nearly black. Is that a "trick of the light", or did the uneven production quality of German textile mills produce such sinister looking uniforms?

More photos available from the original imgur album.


  1. Nice find! Any idea if these were originally in colour, or later "colourized"? The latter might help account for differences in fabric, etc.

    1. Pretty sure these were original color photos, not BW colorized.

  2. Nice photos - I have a very, very old magazine that has that first photo on the cover. Best, Dean

  3. Great pics!

    Not sure on the colours but I imagine there would have been lots of slight variations based on manufacturer etc.

  4. I suspect trick of the light. See how the exposure has lost all the detail of what is under the gunshield?