Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Excavations at Lead Mountain

"All right!" I thought to myself, "Time to get cracking on another unit for Hail Caesar." I went elbow deep into my lead pile and emerged with a handful of Crusader Miniatures "Libyan Infantry". A lot of Libyan Infantry. No matter, I've got my shield transfers...

I've got my spears...

and I've got over 30 Libyans prepped and ready for priming.

I started dividing them into like poses to make assembly line painting easier, when I stumbled across an abnormality. One of the four packs of infantry was wearing mail rather than linothorax. Now, I bought these figures two years ago, and I'm sure I had a plan but I'm mystified as too what that was. Was using a few Libyans in chain part of that plan? Did I order them by accident? Was I going to use the figures in chain as part of a command stand and use the remaining linothorax figures for a pike block of 28? Didn't the Carthaginians pick up their chain armor from the Romans? If so, I suppose I could mix them together to represent a unit just beginning to scavenge from their Italian adversaries.

I really wish I could go back and ask myself just what I was thinking.


  1. Ask not from whence the lead comes. On that path lies madness. This is going to be sweet.


  2. Crusader makes some wonderful miniatures, sometimes I buy miniatures because I just like the way they look. Good luck on this project and can't wait to see you get them painted.

  3. I think the african veterans wore equipment very similiar to the romans?