Monday, August 5, 2013

LEGO Goes to War: Brickfest 2013

We took the boy to the local LEGO fair again this year, and among the many custom creations were a number of historical or military themed models. I think whatever neuron gets triggered in wargamers to allow them to obsess over tiny plastic soldiers must be shared by Lego fans too. Snaps of the creations of our kindred spirits after the jump.

Afrika Corps

Detailed interior of a Tiger

Brécourt Manor

Artillery pit

Winters leads his men in the BrĂ©court Manor assault

Zero Dark Thirty

The hovering helicopter featured a motorized rotating blade


Weird seeing beach carnage rendered with children's toys.  I'm sure wargames look equally odd to passers-by.



Cavalry approach a castle along the road

Pacific Beach Landing

Looking lengthwise from the Japanese defenses to the enormous landing craft in the distance


This model of Serenity space ship was incredible. Huge, fully detailed interior with lights. Very impressive.

My son had a blast and I was struck by the amount of cleverness and ingenuity the builders used to eek out such detailed models from simple parts. I'm sure we'll be back for another visit next year :)


  1. Some amazing stuff there. I used to pride myself on my building skills but, Wow.

  2. Love this. I took my kids to the one in Toronto. Serenity, Japan, and the ship were there, but the others weren't. Cool beans.


  3. That's just mental! Never mind the kids, I wanna go and see them!

    1. It really is quite an event. If one ever pops up in your neck of the woods it's well worth a few hours to check out.

  4. Wow, very cool!
    I didn't know that you can make such things with Lego... :-)

    1. Yeah! It was a surprise to me as well. I originally just wanted to entertain my son, but turns out there was a bunch of stuff that piqued daddy's interest too :)