Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Reaper Bones: Zombies

Working through more undead, I painted up the zombies included in the Reaper Bones kickstarter box. Having read about the hydrophobic nature of the Bones material I decided to try a different technique with these shambling undead. I wasn't too fond of the two disco boogie undead, so didn't mind sacrificing them in the name of science.

I cut the raised arm away from the figure's head and then used the boiling water technique to reposition the hand.

I gave these guys a base coat of green brown, followed by a brown ink wash, and highlights of the original green brown and finally a mix of green brown mixed with a light flesh tone.

I chose not to thin my paint with water for the base coats on these figures to see if I could create a tighter bond of the paint to the Bones plastic. Unfortunately I think the thick paint ended up obscuring details and introducing unnatural clumpy texture to their skin. I continued to finish them as normal, but they wound up looking as if I had given them a hasty drybrush job.

While the painting experiment itself was a bust, these knock kneed zombies turned out to be great sculpts. My paint job didn't do them justice, and I'm hoping to pick up quite a few more to create a real horde of zombies.  The malformed rotten zombies didn't improve much in my opinion though, even after painting. Maybe they could be clipped away from their base and used as dungeon dressing?

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  1. Now I have that song "Zombie" in my head! Arg! Great stuff!

  2. Wow those Disco Zombies are pretty bad sculpts indeed. I'm going to see if I can paint them up half decently with some rotten flesh tone and quickshade, and some added blood gore, and use them with Zombicide. I have far better sculpted zombies from Mantic for my HeroQuest games.
    I love the bases! Great job.

    1. PS: you should add a label to your Bones posts named "Bones" for easy searching on your blog ;)

    2. Done! Thanks for the suggestion! Hope I get to see your own Disco Zombies when they are finished. Maybe there's some way to get something decent out of them :)