Saturday, July 19, 2014

Historicon 2014, Friday

Lots more action on Friday. Pics after the jump.

Vendor Demos

My six year old son wanted to play games, but I didn't think he could handle a four hour session, so we hit the demo games in vendor area instead. It was still pretty quiet and several vendors obliged us with demos. Thanks guys! My son loved your games, and if he had fun, of course I needed to pick up some rules and figures to play again at home :)

Empire of the Dead

Our vampire in deadly battle with a peasant and donkey. My son loved this game.

Martian Front. My son flipped his gourd when he saw the human troops
climbing a grapple line to plant charges on his Martian tripod.

This Martian Front game is pretty fun!


My first game of the day was a street fight between factions in a Spanish city during the Reconquista. AWESOME terrain. I didn't take nearly enough overview pics. It received a ton of visitors and comments and I'm pretty sure a photographer from one of the miniatures magazines took a bunch of photos. Figures were incredible too. Really happy I got to play.

I assumed all of the shields were transfers. Nope! All hand painted, every one. 

Bloody street fight. An inquisitor joined my band of
Christians to encourage them in their battle.

Christian crusaders have liberated a holy relic from the church and holding it
atop a building until their allies can help them escort it off table.

Muslim archers have looted and set fire to a building, raining down missiles on the fights happening below.

Various Games

In between games I tried to snap pics from the great tables being set up, broken down or in progress.

AWI: Battle of Assunpink Creek

ACW: Architects of War set up. Pretty sure Miles Reidy's game.

The ironclad makes another appearance this year.


More Architects of War terrain I think. Loved these trees.

Birds circling the woods. Neat!

Republican Romans

Trench system. Grody :)

Not sure about the game, but terrain was really impressive.

Enormous conifers, lots of terrain elevation.

Battlgroup Kursk

I've toyed with getting the Kursk rules for a while, but always shied away since importing them from the UK can get pricey and I can't seem to find a US vendor. I finally had a chance to try them out. Despite our heroic efforts, the Soviets were unable to hold off the German attack. Still had lots of fun. I really like the Kursk degrading moral (pulling chits and losing Battle Rating), but I'm a little less sure of some of the fiddly die rolls and spotting rules. Still probably going to get the rules though.

Having a great time at Historicon, looking forward to the big Saturday games (even though I've already lost my voice!)


  1. Great write-up and fabulous photos too! I've really enjoyed your posts on Historican.

    Good luck on selecting a new game for you and your son. All Quiet on the Martian Front does look good, doesn't it?

    1. Thanks Monty! Oh man, All Quiet... check out my report from Saturday. I'm hooked!

  2. Fantastic looking games! Great photos, and thanks for taking the time to take them. The Martian games is very cool (by Miles?). Also, that Medieval street fighting game is lovely. I enjoyed viewed the figure-basing of these games to give me an idea of how they compare with the way mine are based. Best, Dean

    1. Thanks Dean! I know Miles helped on the Martian game, but I think he was just one member of a large crew that pulled it off. I'll have to ask him if I run into him again.