Thursday, July 17, 2014

Historicon 2014, Thursday

I've made it to Historicon again this year, and despite a late start I managed to see a ton of great games, made a pass through the vendor hall and played a real nail biter. I also noticed a lot more British accents this year. Not sure if the con is attracting expats or if they've made a trip over just to push little metal soldiers around. Pics after the jump.


Wargames Illustrated "Battle of Arklow 1798"

This was really impressive. A massive 12 foot long table packed with Black Powder figures.


Jungle Gods

A pulp game with all sorts of groups battling dinosaurs, giant apes, and hippos. Looked like tons of fun.


Great big Napoleonics game that appeared to be computer moderated. The GM was reading off percentages to the players who were feeding him information. I had no idea what was going on, but the table looked great!

More Games

Fireball Forward

I also got in a game of Fireball Forward. Our soviets had to hold off a German attack for five turns. I was sure we were toast by turn two, but our commisar rallied our infantry, called in artillery fire on his own position, and managed to squeek out a victory by the barest of margins. Incredible luck, great guys on both sides of the table, and more shouting and cheering than I've heard from a game in a long time. I've played a bunch of GM Mark Fastoso's games and their always close games and a lot of fun.

Soviet fall back position, observing Germans entering ruins on the far side of the road

Soviets and Germans battling it out in house to house fighting

Germans rush in to push out Soviet defenders

Soviet anti tank gun desperately trying to knock out an enemy machine gun perched atop a ruin

German Stugs rolling onto the field

Soviet 76mm gun knocks one Stug out, sending the other retreating for cover...

Before turning and firing point blank on a
soviet position about to be overrun by Germans!
Our soviet command post holding on, even after the Germans flooded their subterranean base. Victory!


  1. It's killing me that I can't make it out until tomorrow!

  2. Nice looking table and kit for the fireball forward game - thoughts on that ruleset?

    1. I like it, especially how it handles tanks. There are some quirks to it that I'm still getting used to, but I'll be playing more of it in the future.