Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cold Wars 2016

Didn't make it to Cold Wars this year? I did and snapped a few pics while I was there. Check them out after the jump.

"Have Fun Storming the Castle!"

My son and I took part in a medieval siege run by the fellas from W.A.M.P.  We had a great time, and despite being the only child in the "kid-friendly" game, the GMs and players all made my son feel more than welcome.

Other Games

Naval town assault

Attacking the docks

Awesome "Frostgrave" Board

I think it was actually Empire of the Dead. Loved the fog in the center of the board and the light ip crystal structures!

"Look at me. I am the captain now."

A six foot long cargo ship taken over by pirates and under assault by military forces. Impressive!

More Frostgrave

Back of Beyond I think

A Bug Hunt. Colonial Marines were scouring this futuristic base.

Loved the detail on this board. Looked great!

Star Wars pod racing

The Zombie Horde

Overview of the zombie battle

Lord of the Rings

Really cool contemporary prison board

The prison board

Barbarian Charge

Impressive ancients game. Caesar vs. Gaul. Huge board with tons of miniatures. I managed to catch it as the GM was setting up.

French and Indian War
My son and I also tried out a game being demoed in the dealer hall. We took the part of colonial settlers and militia attacking a Native American indian town.

I loved these homemade hills. My son and are planning on building replicas.

Our militia charged the Indians, driving them from the village...

... and promptly fell back and 'fainted'. Ah the vagaries of war game rules!

The French show up and start firing on our defensive line.

Young Frankenstein

I joined massive, freewheeling game of "Young Frankenstein and the Prelude to WW1" (or something). It was great. My vampires were nearly gunned down by shotgun wielding nuns before hightailing it to raid a blood bank, where they were nearly burned 'alive' after an angry mob locked them inside and torched the place.

Rocket men were saving damsels from castles, werewolves were ripping apart villagers, monks and Lutherans were battling in the street, MASS HYSTERIA! And it was great!

Overall a good time, but man... the Host is really showing it's age, and I had to scramble as 50% of the games I wanted to join were canceled. Looking forward to future shows, but really hoping some of the issues from this one are rectified soon!


  1. Some great looking games...but that first pic is just brilliant!

    1. Agreed! I'm pretty sure that first game won an award for such an impressive set up. I believe it was a pulp tomb robbing scenario (?). Lots of cool details, but sadly I was only able to spend a few minutes checking it out.

  2. One can not help but being amazed & inspired from games such as these!

  3. Most impressive pictures, splendid terrains!

  4. Thanks for sharing some great looking games

  5. Great looking games and table. People have really spent a lot of time in making these. Awesome.

  6. Curious what rule set was used for the Young Frankentein game....

    1. Hi Joe. I'm pretty sure it was a homebrew set. It's been quite a long time since I played, but from what I remember the rules were fairly simple. Units moved and attacked, and typically had a single "special" ability (my unit of vampires could move up to 20" rather than a usual 6" by turning into bats).

      Accosting locals and forcing them to join your unit also typically granted an additional special ability. It was a freewheeling adventure, the GMs were great at keeping things moving, coming up with ad hoc rulings and introducing complications. Seat of the pants, beer and pretzels, but great fun.