Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Star Schlock: Final Preparations

Royal Astro Guards of the Federation race to secure a comms objective to send an evacuation signal to the populace before the undead moon zombies arrive.

I ran a final play test for the Star Schlock scenario I'm bringing to Fall In this weekend. The Federation good guys eked out a win, successfully blasting off and escaping the horde of Space Ghouls who overran the mining camp. I've found most players stumble through the first round or so, but have a good grasp with the basics by mid game. I think there are enough standard conventions that experienced wargamers can pick them up quickly enough, but there are some wrinkles that give players additional decision points each turn beyond "should I move and shoot or shoot and move?" I'm looking forward to running some fresh faces through the game to see if this is something people outside my local game groups would be interested in.

I also finalized the promotional prizes I'll be handing out to the winners of each scenario.

Even without knowing anything about the game, if this sort of thing pushes your buttons, Star Schlock might be up your alley. My Friday game is locked up but I believe there's a spot or two available in my Saturday game. Come roll some dice with me, or just stop by to check it out! See you there!


  1. Great price you got there. Have fun!

  2. That action figure pack is amazing! Did you hand make it, or is there a service where you can get such a thing made?

    I am sure you will, but please report how the games go down!

    1. Thanks! The action figure pack is all me. I sculpted the figure, printed it, painted it, created the artwork, laid everything out, had it printed and then assembled it. Whew!

      I'll be sure to post a con report!

    2. Wow, that is most impressive!

  3. The looks great - good luck running the game. One of the real joys with being a GM at a convention game is that your player play in ways you usually don't expect which I always find really fun.

  4. Thanks Miles! Fingers crossed things run smoothly and players enjoy themselves. :)