Sunday, June 19, 2011

Celts from Various Vendors

Unidentified Celts
I picked up a mixed bag of miniatures from someone offloading their collection on TMPs auction board. The price was pretty good, and since I'm trying to bulk up my hairy barbarian hordes I thought the "30 Gauls and Germans: Gripping Beast, Old Glory, Black Tree, and Foundry" would offer me a great chance to get a sample of the various vendors before committing to a large mail order.

Hoping to put ID the vendor for the two sets of Celts:

One set of Celts really stood out as something... different.  I do not know what the sculptor was thinking with these fellows. They don't even look human to me.

 The have an extreme shock of limed hair that looks like the head of a broom, their faces are distended into an Edvard Munch-esque scream, and their heads have a sloped forehead like some sort of prehistoric throwback. Very, very odd.

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