Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Finished up my "megawood", a huge stand of dense trees to fill a large portion of the table.  I based the design on a combination of techniques from Architects of War and other tutorials for similar woods with removable canopies.
A few years ago when I was playing more Company level WWII stuff, we played a lot of battles in pretty dense terrain. Trees and woods were a quick and easy solution for generating a lot of cover, but I was never happy with the look of individual trees making up the bulk of our woods.  I wanted a few "megawoods" with actual canopies to form the center of these large forests, with the smaller individual trees making up the less dense border areas of the woods.  I'm hoping these woods will be just as useful for my hordes of Celts and Germanic tribes to lurk within.

The canopy lifts off to allow placement of figures within the woods.

Together with my other wood bases I should be able to create fairly dense forests.
Hoping to get one more megawood finished as well as a number of the smaller tree bases.

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  1. the dense wood looks really good. i will have to have a go at one myself