Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hey, what's that Sally Field Academy Award quote?

Wow, thanks guys! I recently got a pair of nods from Big Lee and Fiery Monkey Boy for a Lebister Award, which is a bit like a chain letter of 'thumb's up' that's been making the rounds across the wargame community lately. Big Lee always posts in good spirits, has great photography of his projects and games, and provides a glimpse into the battles played with his mates Fran and Ray (The Angry Lurker and Dont't Throw a 1). The three of them are part of an entertaining group of gamers, and I get a kick out of reading of their various wargame exploits. Fiery Monkey Boy plays a wide variety of games, not always in systems or periods I do, but his great writing, painting and excellent battle reports keeps me coming back (I mean check this out. I don't play Warmachine or Napolenoics, but that is beautiful work)

Once you receive a Leibster Award, you're supposed to pass the love on by nominating five other sites with less than 200 followers. This was a pretty difficult exercise for me, since I love each of the blogs I read. Of those I visit regularly, these five are ones that have less than 200 subscribers and haven't been nominated for a Leibster yet. Please visit them, they are well worth your time:

Chicago Skirmish
I love these guys. Chicago Skirmish is a small group of gamers that play a lot of Songs of Blades and Heroes, post apocalyptic skirmish, some sci fi as well as the odd historical game. 

Lots of great battle reports, dedicated project updates as they prepare for new periods or scenarios, and great photography. 

The Sharp End of the Brush
I started following The Sharp End of the Brush after learning he was another Maryland gamer, and even though he plays a lot of horse and musket (a period I haven't started) I've stuck with his blog for the lovely figure painting, detailed terrain, and the relaxed manner in which he pursues his hobby.

He plays frequently with his son, and adds bits of his personal life to updates. I enjoy seeing a happy father and husband integrating his hobby into a well rounded life. 

I dabble in a lot of different genres of gaming, but I always come back to historicals because of my love of history. Seeing new posts from Satrap is always a delight, not only for the beautiful figures he paints but the snaps he takes when visiting actual historical sites. 

Wow, Spiff's work in jaw dropping! I found his blog with my recent rekindled interest in Battletech. He posts frequently to the "Lords of the Battlefield" forum with perfectly painted 'mechs, custom N-scale battlemechs, as well as a number of other sci fi miniatures.

Rob Hawkins Hobby Blog
I just discovered Rob Hawkins blog recently while I was researching my Halloween game. Rob is a former GW painter and modelmaker and his experience shows. 

Astonishing, professional photography along with detailed tutorials to show you step-by-step how he pulls off his amazing conversions. Amazing work, and barely scooting in under the 200 subscriber threshold. 


  1. Aw shucks! How kind of you to nominate us! We'll share the love for sure.

  2. I had no idea my blog would generate as much attention as it has, much less be nominated for an award! I only wish I had a lot more time to dedicate! Thank you very much for the glowing review! I will continue to try and cause as much jaw-dropping as I can.
    I think I can help with the Sally quote....."you like me. You really like me!"