Friday, November 16, 2012

You've Heard of Wargaming, But What About Farmgaming?

Continuing with my break from painting tabletop soldiers, I decided to catch up on some other lingering projects. These were decidedly farm themed: a pack of pigs from Architects of War, and the Gripping Beast Dark Ages cart.

Dark Ages Cart, Gripping Beast

I picked up a this cart while at Fall-In this year. I was eyeing the lasercut MDF kits by 4Grounds, but the Gripping Beast kt came with horses and an extra hand cart for a only a few dollars more. Everything went together easily, but it took me a few minutes to realize there were two cart sidewall options included: a series of vertical "spokes" or the solid walls I went with. I figured the solid walls were generic enough to fit into a number of time periods without raising any eyebrows.

The horses are shaggy dark age ponies. I attempted a bay or chestnut color on one, but it may have come out too red. Maybe I should give it a wash of GW Devlan Mud or Sepia?

Pigs, Architects of War

I loved these little pigs from Architects of War, but they've been sitting in the lead pile since Historicon. I based them on washers and gave them a quick paint job to get them on the table. The mama pig with piglets has a muddy base for eventual deposit in an Architects of War "pig poke" once I get one. I figure these will be useful as either table scatter, baggage or objective markers.


  1. Great little kit. And I want to get some pigs now.

  2. Thanks! These were a lot of fun to put together and quick to paint. Already planning an expansion of my barnyard animals :)