Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Desert Wasteland Terrain Revisited

My desert terrain tutorial has received a good deal interest since I posted it a few years ago, but a few readers were concerned about the durability of the latex covered terrain cloth.  I haven't had a chance to put it to the test until now. After creating the desert terrain cloth I had to roll it up and place it in storage while we prepared our old house for sale, built our new house and moved in. Things are starting to settle down and I was able to unfurl the desert terrain cloth. And the verdict is...

Perfect! I anticipated some damage, perhaps some sand that came loose, but I don't think the cloth lost a single grain.

The cloth remained flexible and intact, despite being rolled, thrown into storage, and manhandled into our new house, where it was stashed unceremoniously in a basement storage closet. Now... I just need some more desert figures to fight out some battles on it.


  1. What a great looking gaming mat. Thanks for the link to the original post, you've just created a future project for me. :-)

  2. Great to see it survived. One of these days I do need to give making one a go

  3. I made a 6'x4' mat of similar materials, and have been using it on a regular basis for 9 months. I mainly use it at a game store, and it's rolled up and shoved in the back of the closet (with no particular great care) at home when not actively being played on.

    I think I've lost about 3 kitty litter 'stones' from its surface in that amount of time, but otherwise its performance has been flawless. These caulk and cloth mats are REALLY durable.

  4. That's very clever and an excellent tutorial. Thanks for sharing your ideas and techniques and perhaps a visit to the local hardware store is in order!