Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Warlord Games Celt Leaders

Getting back into the swing of things, I polished off a few barbarian leaders that had been stuck in my lead pile for far too long. The Celtic Chieftains from Warlord Games comes with three fearsome warriors. I used one for a more "germanic" command stand that I painted up last year, but chose to keep these remaining two as definitely Gallic.

The horned chieftain was quick to paint up. His broad cloak took a plaid pattern easily.

I wanted to include a second figure for the bald leader, but needed to create a height difference between the chieftain and his companion for their positioning to look correct.

I used some wood chips to represent bare, exposed stone, and filled in the gaps with bits and pieces of pink insulation foam.

A thick coating of white glue and flock filled in any other gaps, and the addition of a naked buddy and baldy is ready to go.


  1. That is super sweet. I love the weathering and dirt on the cloak. and thanks for the insight into your basing technique - that looks amazing.

  2. Thanks guys! Appreciate the feedback :)

  3. Looks great, like the green plaid too, very nice!